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Is it possible to work from home while raising a newborn?

Updated: May 26, 2022

Working from home whilst raising a newborn can be quite challenging as both can be demanding depending on what you do for work.

It can also be rewarding as you have the opportunity to watch them grow whilst you work.

Working from home with a newborn is not for everyone as your newborn already requires a lot of attention and work between regular feeds, play, cuddle time and naps, that by the time you start work you may already be exhausted.

Although, some say newborns can be quite easy as its mainly just the eat, sleep and play faze but this differs by baby as some may require more attention than others.

However for our lovely super parents with slick schedules this might be a piece of cake until baby starts crying or wakes up in between an important conference call, meeting or even between a presentation... whichever way it goes that baby needs you and theres only so much you can do at that time.

I tried working from home recently by using one of my keeping in touch days and found the whole situation extremely stressful, from trying to entertain my daughter to doing training on the companies new system was a huge challenge for me.

How I was able to overcome this was by having a semi structure to my day and utilising a short term fix until she is able to attend day care which was to ensure she is fed and nappy changed before any of my meetings started then play all the shows she enjoys to keep her occupied and have all her favourite toys around her until my meeting ended.

To my surprise this worked like a treat at the start, but there were many times she refused to eat which disrupted the whole agenda but I have found that most companies are becoming a lot more flexible towards their approach with parents and their schedules which has been a huge help.

It is also important to communicate openly with whoever shares parental responsibility so that it is not solely down to one person to juggle work and you're newborn and allow the babies to play and enjoy the both of you.

If you are doing this alone just know that you are amazing and most importantly do what you can, when you can.

Let us know how you manage with your newborn?

By Sewa Adebayo


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