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Unreasonable Employers

If you feel your employer is being unreasonable, be sure you understand the nature of what is unreasonable about your job before making it known to either your manager or colleagues.

Unfortunately a number of companies who speak loudly on supporting their employees as part of their values, do not seem to be doing much of this.

This may not be the entire fault of the organisation as its mostly down to the selected senior members that represent them.

If you feel you may be experiencing something unreasonable about your job, It is better to seek unbiased advise from a union, citizens advice, acas or a confidential helpline such as an employee assistance program to provide you with enough information before taking any action and for you to also understand the best steps to take. (most of these suggestions are suited to those living in the U.K)

Here are a list of common unreasonable categories you may not have realised we’re unreasonable :

  • Unfair treatment at work

  • Unfair dismissal

  • Bullying and harassment

  • Asked to do something unethical

  • Grievance at work

  • Unreasonable deadlines

  • Discrimination

  • If your manager thinks you’re available all hours of the day

  • Breach of contract

  • Being asked to resign

  • Unrealistic demands

These are just a few to highlight as the list goes on but I’m sure by now you get the point.

One thing for sure is don’t let any of these situations steal your joy at work.

It’s okay to say no within reason to your manager or colleague in order to set the tone on how they’ll continue to treat you, however ensure your delivery is polite and professional to avoid any conflict.

If you feel you are being ill treated in anyway, please seek advice and don’t suffer in silence, you have rights as an employee and organisations ought to ensure you are well treated as part of their commitment to you.

Here are some tips to help you get through it in the meantime :

  • Consider why this is happening

  • Don’t take it personally and try to stay positive

  • Get factual evidence of the situation to back your main points

  • Write down your thoughts on what’s happening and reflect

  • Set boundaries

  • Try to establish a resolution

Given the recent high rise of jobs in the market, we are now living in an employee led market. With the current challenges arising, this opens up your choices on your career and how you want to work.

If an an employer is unreasonable it will naturally cause employees to seek employment elsewhere. Organisations need to think about what they can do to retain their employees and really engage with their teams to understand what they need.

Advice for leaders :

  • Development and learning is a life long process and as leaders you need to collaborate with your employees to make these beneficial for both the organisation and the employee.

  • Nexgen leaders need to be more conscious and senior employees need to understand that blanket processes need to be thrown in the bin, offering more flexible approaches to work to be adopted.

Hope this information has helped you in some way …

Have you been a victim of an unreasonable employer or didn’t realise you were treated unreasonably ?

By Sewa Adebayo


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