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What is your wow factor ?

Updated: Feb 16

A wow factor plays a huge part in getting noticed.

It’s what sets you apart from the rest and answers why we should be interested in you.

Personally I’d say this is one of the major questions you need to be asking yourself in every area of your life and not just your career.

Bringing your wow factor is really about your ability to sell yourself and being memorable in all circumstances.

It’s kind of like the butterfly feeling you get when you’re super happy about an achievement or a love interest.

Here are 5 ways to bring out your wow factor :

  • Think about what sets you apart from others

  • Take notes and write about what best describes you

  • Consider the points you want to be recognised for

  • Look at the areas you have achieved and are most proud of

  • Be authentic and true to yourself

If you are planning on adding wow factors to your curriculum vitae (CV), in order to be impactful it is best to give a brief highlight of the details to keep potential employers engaged.

Here is a list of other areas to consider adding to you profile :

  • Industry specific skills

  • 2-3 major wins

  • Any publications you have produced

  • High profile clients you may have worked with

  • How you’ve contributed to a businesses success

  • Self awareness/a complete understanding of yourself

This is just to name a few to get you thinking.... Your wow factor is part of your personal identity or brand and what distinguishes you from the rest, bringing your best foot forward for others to be impressed with and want to learn more. Note: Employers are usually looking for candidates that are adaptable and can easily adjust to change. So, my lovely readers..... go be your authentic selves and let’s all wow each other together. Tell me what your wow factor is ? By Sewa Adebayo


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