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First time I held my baby

Updated: May 7, 2022

I still remember this like it was yesterday, it was so surreal and such a special moment for me. I couldn't believe this beautiful tiny person came out of me.

I don't think mothers really forget the first time they hold their baby, although this depends on individual circumstances, also some parts can be a bit of a blur due to all the stress of how you feel right before then suddenly everything seems to be happening really fast and slow at the same time.

My daughter arrived 3 weeks before her due date, she was delivered via emergency caesarean section, it took literally the entire night for her to come out as I was about 2 centimetres dilated when I first arrived at the hospital at around like 2 or 3 am the night before she arrived.

By the time the doctors placed my daughter on my chest I was so overwhelmed, emotional, super happy and exhausted all at the same.

The moment I laid eyes on her, my world felt complete. Everything that was going in the world did not matter to me at all. All I wanted was to love and cherish her forever. It was so special for me, I felt extremely blessed and honoured to have her as my baby as I have always desired to be a mother and it took us a while to have her. There were definitely tears of joy and instant happiness in that moment.

All I wanted to do was study her little face, we regrettably did not take photos as we were so in awe, thankfully my husband recorded the video of her birth. This is a bit graphic so I will not be sharing.

One thing for sure is next time I have baby, I will make sure my husband takes loads of photos to compensate for the ones we missed out on.

Sewa Adebayo


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