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Who should I have in the delivery room?

Updated: May 7, 2022

Asides from thinking of things to do or get when your baby arrives, the decision of whom is with you in the delivery room for babies arrival is a very personal and important decision to make.

You will firstly need to find out the number of people allowed to be with you in the room, this will then help you narrow down your selection.

Secondly, yourself and whoever you share your child with will both need to decide on who else you would like to be there.

For anyone without a partner, you will need to choose a reliable alternative to have in the room with you.

Some decide to have either a sibling, friend, parent/s or just the midwives and nurses. It all depends on you and your preference.

Thirdly, have a backup plan for situations such as emergency c sections you may appreciate just having a birthing partner at this stage.

Alternatively if you do not have a support system in that manor you could also consider having a doula who's main responsibility is to provide support or emotional assistance. They can also be the middle man between you and the doctors or nurses.

Lastly always have a plan B as sometimes people can be unreliable so it is important that you find a reliable person who will be supportive and not squeamish during this time.

Let me know who you had or would like to have with you in the delivery room?

Sewa Adebayo


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