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How to make time for your spouse and the baby

Updated: May 7, 2022

Making time for your spouse and baby are two really important things in a relationship which should be treated individually and at times together.

When children add to your family it is natural for your lives to become busier especially during the first few years.

As easy as it is to say, your spouse should never be left out even if baby takes most of your time, so it's important to include them and make special time for your spouse otherwise they may start to feel neglected.

A number of resources suggest date nights as a good way to bring back the spark in your love life, I totally agree as it really is the little things that play a major part in life such as reconnecting, spending quality time and simply rebuilding that special bond that bought you together will help strengthen your relationship.

The special moments you share with your baby to connect are also important, especially as whilst they grow and get to know you and your spouse individually and collectively, your baby is then able to connect with you both differently.

Utilise your weekends, there are so many baby friendly activities that has popped up over the last few months this is a great way to bond together as a family and also gets you all out the house.

Having a routine to set the balance is also a good idea so that both baby and partner get some time in, things like movie night, game night or simply long walks after work could be a good way for everyone to reconnect on a regular basis.

Most importantly, ensure you create some 'Me time' it is very easy to get lost in caring for everyone else but in the midst of all of this, find time for you.

You will find that you become more productive and happier within yourself and for your family.

Let us know how you manage to make time for your spouse?

By Sewa Adebayo


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