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Spiritual gifts

I know this is not a topic for everyone but as a believer of Elohiym I’ll be approaching the topic based on this perspective.

What are Spiritual gifts 

Spiritual Gifts are special talents/gifts that are given to us by Elohiym (God) in order to serve others and promote spiritual growth. 

Spiritual gifts can also be found in religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

In Christianity, spiritual gifts are listed in some passages in the Bible, and can be found  in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11, Romans 12:6-8, and Ephesians 4:11-12.

Here is a list of some of the common spiritual gifts:

  1. Wisdom

  2. Knowledge

  3. Faith

  4. Healing

  5. Miracles

  6. Prophecy

  7. Discernment

  8. Speaking in tongues

  9. Interpretation of tongues

  10. Leadership

  11. Service

  12. Giving

  13. Mercy

  14. Visions 

These gifts are given to believers of Yeshua (son of God) to help them serve and build up the church, and to promote growth, maturity, love & unity. Each individual may have different gifts, and these gifts may manifest in different ways, depending on the individual and the context.

Gifts are meant to be used for good and to glorify Elohiym (God), not for personal gain or glory. unfortunately, we do find some people misleading others and providing mixed messaging with their gifts.

 Paul the Apostle in the bible discusses spiritual gifts in several of his letters in the New Testament, including 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, and Ephesians 4. In 1 Corinthians 12, he describes how the church is like a body, with different parts that have different functions, but are all essential for the body to function properly.

This means each member of the church has a spiritual gift or talent that is unique as a whole.


There are various ways spiritual gifts can be used. 

Here are a few examples:


Teaching and preaching: Some people may have the gift of teaching or preaching, and they may use this gift to help others understand and apply the teachings of the Bible.


Service: Others may have the gift of service, and they may use this gift to help meet the practical needs of the church and the community.


Leadership: Some may have the gift of leadership, and they may use this gift to provide direction and guidance to the church and its members.


Prophecy: Some may have the gift of prophecy, which is the ability to speak truthfully and powerfully about Elohiym (God's) will and purpose.

Healing: Others may have the gift of healing, which is the ability to pray for and minister to those who are sick or suffering.


Discernment: Some may have the gift of discernment, which is the ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood, and to perceive the presence of good and evil.


I discovered at an early age at approximately 11 years old, I had the gift of discernment and prophecy, at times I would feel so strongly against certain situations or presence that for some reason my spirit refuses to take to them no matter how much I try.

I will later discover that God was either protecting me from someone or found out somebody has either done something terrible to another person or hurt them in some way and my discerning spirit always tries to protect me and prompt me to protect others.

At times I can also feel it in my spirit if someone is being untruthful about something. But due to the lack of nurturing the discernment and prophecies have not been as strong which is something I intend to work on.

Quite interestingly as part of the discerning gift, I have the gift of visions which is nicely connected with discernment, the dreams I have are usually in most cases linked to people I know and then I’d discover over time the reality of what I saw in my dream or vision.

The one thing with visions is sometimes understanding the timing of events may be difficult to grasp as it’s hard to know if what I dreamt of will happen soon or in the future.

But ultimately, the purpose of spiritual gifts is to serve others and to promote the growth and health of the church. When used right and with humility, spiritual gifts can be a powerful force for good in the world.

In the meantime I plan to learn what I am supposed to do with my spiritual gifts and how best I can serve with them.

Did you know you had gifts?  Do you have a gift and didn’t realise it was a gift ? Or are you unsure of what your gift may be ?

Please share and let me know ?

Sewa Adebayo

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